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This challenging par four is a perfect hole to get your game started with lots of driving room and natural hills that provide an interesting roll on your drives and approach shots. Make sure you don’t stray too far to the right side or you could end up in a water hazard.

Number two is a long par four lined with pine trees and a gradual slope towards the green. Once again, watch out for the right hand side, you could find yourself out of bounds.

Number three is a long ball hitter’s par five, with plenty of room on both sides. Feel free to swing for the fences but be mindful of the left side; there is a thick grouping of trees that could make you take a costly recovery shot.

A long par three with a green uphill from the tee deck makes for an interesting hole. With a solid tee shot you should be able to make a par here with no problems!

Number five is widely regarded as the hardest hole on the course. A very narrow tee shot, over a valley, leaves little room for error. A long straight drive can keep you safe, but spray a little and find yourself in thick trees or out of bounds. If you do manage to hit the fairway, you will still have a long and narrow approach shot. It’s definitely a fun hole that will test your skill and accuracy.

With a tree line on your right side, this dog leg par five is a great hole to make up some stokes before you finish your front nine. Keep your drive to the left side of the fairway to leave yourself a shot around the tree line.

Straight and simple, number seven is a great par four to make a birdie; but don’t blow your chances by over shooting the green and leaving yourself an uphill recovery chip.

Number eight is short par three with a small green. But don’t underestimate it, chipping and putting on this hole is harder than it appears.

Number nine is a short downhill par four, that’s a great closing hole. The elevated tee shot makes the green reachable with a driver and wedge. Play your tee shot a little to the left to avoid a nasty bounce that will land you under a willow tree.

A medium sized par three features water in front and to the left of a large two tear green, and a large shallow sand trap to the right. Although it’s not too difficult to reach in one some safe players may lay up and chose to chip over the water.

The water in front of the tee decks is very clearable, but you’ll want to stay in the fairway due to the mounds and sand traps that run down both sides of the hole. A good drive will leave you with a 150 yard approach shot at the two tear green that is protected by bunkers on the left and right.

Number twelve is a par five that gives you lots of options. There is water that comes into play off your tee shot. It’s roughly 220 yards to carry the hazard safely; many golfers test their luck for a chance to reach the green in two. If you choose to lay up you can play your second shot onto the island fairway and have a 100 to 150 yard approach shot. Be careful when shooting into the green, there is water in front and to the left as well as a bunker in the front right.

Thirteen is one of the more scenic par fours on the course. A river runs along the left side and the elevated green is surrounded by trees with a bunker to the left.

Number fourteen is a narrow par four with thick maple woods on either side. Its natural downslope to the left makes it a great hole for a golfer who plays a draw.

Number fifteen is a hard dog leg to the right. There is a large landing area that sets you up for a great 150 yard approach shot into a tightly placed green. A brave golfer can try to cut the corner by placing his tee shot over the trees.

The tee deck on this mid-sized par four is placed far back in a wooded area that creates a neat, narrow tee shot. If you can keep it straight off the tee the fairway widens up giving you a great shot at the elevated green. Watch out for the bunkers to the front right and left of the green.

The tee deck sits quite a bit higher than the green on this par three, creating opportunities for a high wedge approach shot that will help you hold the green which slopes to the right.

A mid-sized, fairly open par five acts as a wonderful finishing hole that gives you an opportunity to finish with a birdie! Land your drive on the downslope in the fairway to get a great bounce adding distance to your drive. The elevated two tear green is a good size making it easy to reach in two and putt for an eagle to finish your day!


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